Light Flight is Western Australia’s only Hanggliding school with our Chief flying Instructor having over 30 years experience in all aspects of Hangglding and Microlighting.

Light Flight prides itself in all aspects of safety, quality and providing training all year around, from tandem flights, introductory courses all the way to fully licensed pilot course.  

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We believe in creating a experience that will last a lifetime, providing safe and maintained equipment that is of Australian SAFA Standards.

Learning to fly should be fun, empowering and free, our mission is to provide all these aspects within a safe environment with highly qualified and experienced instruction when training with Light Flight. 

Our two day introductory course provides you with the basics and is designed to give the aspiring pilot a detailed inside into the amazing world of flight via hang gliding, allowing you to advance onto a full pilots licence qualification.

Tandem Flights

Tandem Introductory Training Flight

The incredible sensation of flight, and an ideal method of being introduced to hang gliding. You and your instructor are towed behind a powered aircraft to an altitude of approximately 3000ft then released to fly free. No noise except the wind on your wing. Instruction is given prior to and during the flight. If your instructor feels conditions are suitable, you may take control of the glider and fly like a bird! Take off and landings are done on wheels.


WhiteGum Farm is located in York, WA just over an hour from Perth in the Needling Hills, East of York.

WhiteGum farm provides an array of activities for the whole family also, including accommodation, bar and grill, camping, 4WD park, swimming, bushwalking and airpark. 

For more information: http://https://www.whitegumfarm.com.au

light fight courses

Light Flight courses include a Introductory (two day) course right through to becoming a fully qualified licensed Hang glider pilot with the 

Sports Aviation Federation of Australia

Part 1 - Introductory Basic Training (2 Days)

This introductory course is designed to give the aspiring pilot a detailed insight into hang gliding as a sport, and the principles of flight as they pertain to hang gliding. Over two days** this course will introduce you to Light Flight, its facilities, equipment and instruction techniques.
We will teach you basic handling skills in launching and landing a hang glider, pitch and roll control, glider and equipment set up, ground handling, simulator work and instructor assisted flights. You will be guided through classroom theory, videos and an overview of the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) requirements to become a pilot. T

Part 2 - Tow Training

Having become comfortable with glider handling and basic flying skills you are now ready to advance to tow training. This is the preferred method of launching in Western Australia since hills and mountains are not in abundance. Tow launching entails being towed up in a large paddock behind a vehicle or a winch fitted with a strain gauge and towline. Your initial flights will be to an altitude of 10-50ft with emphasis placed on correct take-off and landing techniques. You will then gradually progress to flights of 1000 feet. From here you will hone your skills. You will practice turns, stalls, landing approaches and other flying skills. Location: White Gum.

Part 3 - Ground Tow Endorsement

This module completes your Supervised Pilot Rating, and legally endorses you for all ground towing operations. Training includes radio communication, towing equipment set up and tow vehicle driving techniques. Completed over approximately 2 weekends*, it also introduces you to cross-country flying, flight instruments and thermaling techniques.

* SAFA Membership and Insurance
It is a legal requirement that all students undertaking Hang Gliding training in Australia be a member of the Sports aviation Federation of Australia. Please add $44 to the cost of your course for Student pilot membership (valid for up to 12 months or completion of your training).
** Hang gliding is weather dependent sport. Course durations will vary depending on weather conditions and class size